If you ask people which car has the most iconic design, I'll wager the Porsche 911 will be at least on the top 10 or top 5 even. The sports coupe has sported the same shape throughout its near-60 years of existence, and that says something about how strong the car's identity is. 

While you might think that designing a Porsche 911 is an easy task given that it looks the same anyway, then you're mistaken. That's actually the challenge that Michael Mauer and his team of designers at Porsche have been facing since he took the helm in 2004. It's hard to reinvent something while keeping its identity, and we think Mauer has been doing a great job at that.

To demonstrate his hand on the 911, Mauer shares the steps to sketch the iconic car from scratch, which you can read about in this slideshow above. This is part of the company's #GetCreativeWithPorsche series.

Go through the steps above and follow Mauer's instructions as you go along the way. Think of it as a free masterclass from Porsche's head of design himself. It isn't an easy feat, mind you, but guess we have a lot of time to spare amid this coronavirus pandemic.

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