We’re nearly at the end of March as this article posts, in the year 2020. It’s a difficult time right now for the entire world, and everyone at Motor1.com is striving to be the best we can be for our families, friends, neighbors, and you, our extended family of car-crazy readers and fans around the globe. As an online publication, we hope to do our part by offering auto-related news with some measure of entertainment, because there’s nothing stronger than smiling in the face of adversity. If we can all do that, we will emerge from this Coronavirus pandemic stronger than ever.

That's why we offer this modest slideshow for your consideration. Along with our physical health, maintaining mental health is important and we know car people tend to be social creatures. We want to hit up the local hangout, talk with our car buds, go to shows, go to the track, cruise, taunt Mustang owners to do burnouts and crash, you know the drill. That’s all on hold for a while, but what is a car person to do in the meantime?

We have a colorful staff of writers and editors with a range of interests, and we came up with a few ideas for not just sustaining yourself, but thriving during this downtime. Some of these activities are obvious, some not so much. But all are auto-related, and you might be surprised at how well they can fill the void. So kick back, relax, jump into our slideshow, and see if these activities stir up some ambition. At the very least, we hope the pages encourage you to crack a smile or two.

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