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The Porsche Taycan arrived last summer as the automaker's first all-electric vehicle. Sales for the electrified sedan started in December 2019, which still makes the Porsche a relatively new model on the market. It also means there are very few Taycans in the hands of customers. Those interested in the car who have questions could head to Porsche's YouTube channel. The channel has a new series – #AskPorsche – where YouTuber Alex Bangula grills Porsche expert and Porsche Manager Production Marketing, BEV & Strategy, Andreas Becker about the new Taycan, its features, and more, including the Turbo name.

It's no secret the Taycan lacks a conventional internal combustion engine. That's the point of the whole dang car; however, Porsche still decided to affix the Turbo badge to the name even though the Taycan lacks a turbocharger. That may seem strange, but to Porsche, the Turbo name is more than a representation of the car's forced induction. Instead, the Turbo name is given to a model's top performance trim. Porsche believes the peppier Taycan deserves the Turbo moniker.

Becker also addressed the car's unique propulsion noise. For Porsche, the sounded needed to be authentic and futuristic while providing feedback to the driver about what the Taycan is doing. It's not an artificial sound, either. Becker says the whine and warble are the sounds of the powertrain components – motor and transmission – amplified.

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Other answers talk about the Taycan's winter capabilities, including the electric powertrain's ability to control torque to the wheels five times faster than that of an internal combustion engine car. Becker also talked about the Taycan's grueling winter testing, too.

The Porsche Taycan is something entirely new from the automaker, so it's nice to see the automaker take the time to explain the car, its features, and the realities of the electric powertrain. Becker wouldn't talk about any future, electrified Porsche products beyond what we know already. There is a Taycan Cross Turismo and an all-electric successor to the Macan in development.

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