Large motorhomes offer all the conveniences of home, but the downside is that you’re literally driving a house. That’s what makes this pint-sized RV so appealing, because it offers all the essentials you’d find in a much bigger vehicle wrapped it in something could navigate with relative ease on a narrow, busy street. It’s called the Bela Trendy, and the small camper made a rather large impression at the recent 2019 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon in Germany.

Alan Heath on YouTube was at the event, and with camera in-hand he gives us a complete tour of the impressive runabout. It’s built on a Fiat Doblo – a small panel van that is also sold in the U.S. as the Ram ProMaster City. This particular model uses a 1.6-liter diesel good for 103 horsepower (77 kilowatts) and 214 pound-feet (290 Newton-meters) of torque, which doesn’t sound like much considering the extra kit this van is saddled with. However, the trade-off is something that drives and maneuvers like a car, yet has a full kitchen, a full bathroom with a shower, and it can accommodate three people.

Gallery: Bela Trendy Small Camper

Credit for the functionality goes to the cabover double bed, which leaves the sizable dining area open for meals and a basic conversion into a small bed for one person. Immediately across is a full kitchen with a 78-liter refrigerator, sink, and two-burner stove. There’s storage all around for food and even a very small clothes closet, and it’s all completely separate from the full bathroom at the rear.

In the Trendy 1S model, the washroom spans the full width of the camper with the toilet and shower on opposite ends, separated by a small sink in the middle. The model featured here is the Trendy 1G, which sacrifices a bit of bathroom space for a large exterior "garage" storage area. As such, the sink and showerhead swap locations, but it's still a full-service bathroom.

Details on water storage or electrical power aren’t provided, but given the size of the Trendy this is probably best suited for short off-grid excursions. A report from New Atlas does offer some pricing information, however, with the 1S model starting at €39,990. The 1G version featured here is a bit more, reportedly listing at €44,168. It’s unclear if this small camper will be offered in the U.S. (probably not) but if it were, those prices would translate to the mid-$40,000 range.

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