After teasing its foldable camping gear at the Overland Expo West in May this year, FiftyTen is finally ready to reveal its project in full. The German firm, which will distribute the mid-size camping system in the United States through its partners of Goose Gear, will unveil a Jeep Gladiator-based camper at the Overland Expo East this coming weekend and we now have the first photos and preliminary details.

The basis for the system is what the company calls the tray. It allows access from all three sides and also features a tidy storage space for all your equipment. FiftyTen says the tent fabric can be easily dismounted and stored when the truck is not going to be used for camping adventures. The roof of the system can be loaded and there are Airline rails installed left and right along the entire length.

Gallery: FiftyTen mid-size camping system

“What is as important as thrilling adventures and a joyfull time? A good night´s sleep – it recharges your batteries and gives you the energy that you need for your next exciting day.”

The camping system should be able to transform your truck to a camper in just “a few seconds.” You just need to undo the security hook and push it open, the rest will happen by itself. And the best part is that closing it is nearly as easy – pull it down, check that all fabric is safely inside and close it. As simple as that.

Cabin dimensions in inches:

Width: 63"
Length: 63"
Height Closed: 43-1/4" From top of tray to top of camper
Height Open: 91” From top of tray to top of camper when open

Left & Right Side Access Doors
Width: 41”
Height: 32-1/4”

Rear Access Door
Width: 36-1/4”
Height: 31-1/2”

As we mentioned, FiftyTen will sell the camp rig through the dealership network of Goose Gear, and the latter will also offer a number of interior build-out options and many different color options for the camping system. For the American market, the price is $32,880 and it does not include the price of the donor vehicle.

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