Remember the Toyota Supra that crashed on a track day last month? Some believe it’s the first example of the sports car to hit the tire barrier (and we don’t have information about other Supra crashes either) and now it turns out someone is going to save the car. Fortunately, the folks over at Albon on YouTube are going to repair the Supra A90 that’s known around the web as the Supra TA90.

If you can recall from the last video of the car, the damage to the left side was not catastrophic but probably the first thing that everyone notices is that the steering wheel and side-impact airbags are deployed. Basically, this means parts of the interior will have to be replaced and some diagnostics work should also be done after that.

Obviously, there’s damage to the body including scrapes and rips in the front bumper and hood. Crinkles run down the driver door and rear fenders, and from the video we also get to see a few damaged BMW-branded suspension components. We really hope the new owner of the Supra will make it shine again and will take it back to the track, where it belongs.

It’ll be very interesting to see what the future holds for the crashed sports car. One quite interesting option will be the previous owner Jackie Ding buying his beloved vehicle back after a full repair by its current owner. We highly doubt this would happen though, as Ding is probably already looking for a successor to the TA90. Still, that’s not impossible as in the previous video he admitted he would fix the car if it’s worth it.

Either way, we are looking forward to seeing a good restoration process.

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