General Motors has dropped more than a few hints it is developing – or wants to develop – an electric pickup truck. GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred gave the first hint in January when, in an interview with CNBC, he said an electric pickup is something the company is considering. In April, during GM’s first-quarter financial results, CEO Mary Barra continued fueling the EV pickup truck fire. This leads us to GM President Mark Reuss who recently said during the UBS Global Industrials and Transportation Conference the automaker would not only have an electric pickup truck but also that it’s already in development.

“We will have a complete electric lineup, including a pickup truck that’s in development,” Reuss said, according to Wards Auto.

Previously, GM has said it’s interested in an electric pickup, but Reuss’ comments are the first to acknowledge an electric truck is in development. According to Reuss at the conference, GM’s third-generation global EV platform will accommodate nearly 10 different body styles. However, he didn’t say specifically if the pickup would ride on the same platform or if it’d even be a Chevy Silverado. Instead, he said the goal EV architecture would reduce cost thanks to scale. Reuss added the platform could underpin a variety of vehicles — front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive.

One of the hurdles to bringing electric vehicles to the masses is the cost of EV-specific components and the batteries. Most experts say cost parity will occur around 2025. Reuss believes cost parity with internal-combustion engines will happen much sooner than thought. It’s one reason why GM is pouring so many resources into electric vehicles.

When GM launches its electric pickup truck, the automaker could have to work hard to convince traditional pickup truck buyers its EV pickup is just as capable as a gas-powered offering. For many, trucks are daily workhorses that are required to haul and tow — there are certain expectations among truck buyers. But GM isn’t the only automaker launching an electric pickup. Ford is developing an electric F-150 and Rivian, a new EV startup, is launching a truck, too. And you can't forget Tesla has one on the way, as well. Maybe GM won’t have to do much convincing after all.

Source: Wards Auto

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