Considering the legendary, iconic status of the McLaren F1, it's surprising that you don't see replica versions of it more often. After all, nearly every Lamborghini produced since the Countach LP400S has been subjected to the fiberglass kit car treatment, to varying degrees of success.

Unlike many a Pontiac Fiero-based kit car, this McLaren F1 replica, built by DDR Motorsport, has the power to back up its aggressive appearance. That's because this one is powered by a turbocharged, heavily modified Mitsubishi 4G63 engine.

Seen in this video by YouTube channel HillClimb Monsters, it's clear that this replica is a serious performance machine. Weighing in at around 1500 pounds, it wouldn't need a lot of horsepower to get moving in a hurry. However, nobody told the builder that.

On paper, the BMW-based V12 powering the real McLaren F1 and the four-cylinder Mitsubishi 4G63 engine don't have much in common. However, those engines have a legendary reputation with import tuners for their potential.

The 4G63 found in this McLaren F1 replica is tuned to produce 600 horsepower at 9,500 RPM, which is not far off from the 618 horsepower the original car had. Furthermore, the high-revving nature of the 4G63 combined with the crisp, lightning-quick shifts of the gearbox make for a suitably exotic sound as the replica McLaren tackles the highly technical track.

Of course, we should keep in mind that this isn't just some slapped-together kit car. This is a purpose-built racing car, and a ton of engineering and fabrication went into making it as fast as it could be. As a result, it's meant to be less of a homage or tribute, and more of a situation in which form follows function.

Still, we'd like to know where we could get our hands on one. While we'd be terrified at the prospect of owning and driving a real McLaren F1, we feel like we could handle working on this car ourselves. After all, anyone who knew a kid back in high school with a Mitsubishi Eclipse knows how to wrench on a 4G63.

Source: HillClimb Monsters on YouTube

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