Say what you will about Joe Rogan’s podcast, but there’s no doubt the 51-year-old comic has great tastes in motor vehicles. Confirming this statement is a video posted to YouTube of Rogan’s 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser by Icon’s Jonathan Ward.

This isn’t any 80-series Land Cruiser, though, as Ward and the Icon team tore the Japanese SUV apart and turned it into an off-road enthusiasts dream machine. Lifted and equipped with a set of Fox Racing shock absorbers, this Land Cruiser boasts larger brakes, chunky tires on custom wheels, big driving lights, a winch, and more.

Complementing this silver SUV’s bolder exterior styling is a General Motors-sourced supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine in place of the Land Cruiser's standard straight-six. Dubbed LSA, the engine produces an estimated 560 horsepower and 580 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to all four wheels by way of a GM-sourced four-speed automatic transmission.

While the Land Cruiser's transfer case and axles are all stock, the four-wheel-drive SUV does benefit from enhanced ARB locking diffs at both ends. The switches to operate the diffs are integrated into the panel that formerly housed the interior clock, and time is now kept by way of the aftermarket Pioneer audio system's clock. The setup also includes Apple CarPlay compatibility, which subsequently brings this near quarter-century old SUV into the modern era.

There’s plenty more that makes this Land Cruiser special, so watch the video to see it all for yourself. And who knows, maybe Joe Rogan will give us a chance to drive this beast one of these days. Any chance someone can get us in touch with his people?

Source: Jonathan Ward 

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