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While Porsche will no longer be racing at Le Mans, they leave behind an amazing record of 19 overall wins. Porsche has always been keen to preserve their heritage, and now, they will be commemorating those 19 victories in a very clever way.

The final set of tires used on the 919 Hybrid's final victory in the 2017 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans were removed, shredded, and pressed into single-sided vinyl records. On each of those discs is a symbolic 24 minutes of audio, recounting each triumphant Porsche victory at the grueling endurance race. The other side of the vinyl is a natural, racing slick-like surface, a reminder of the significance of the medium being used to play back Porsche's endurance racing history at Le Mans.

While the tires on the 919 Hybrid race car were indeed quite wide, in the grand scheme of things, four tires is not a lot of rubber. As a result, the production of the vinyl will be limited to just 200, using up every square inch of rubber contained therein. Just 24 of them will be available to the public, with those paltry two dozen going up for auction on a special page on Porsche's website.

The auction takes place on February 24th, with the fun starting at midnight, Central European Time. That's seven hours ahead of central time in the US, in case you wanted to throw down a bid. With just 24 records available, we imagine that they will go quickly – and for a lot of money. Porsche money.

If you'd like to hear what's on the vinyl, fret not: you can listen for free on Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes, among others. It's no Who's Next, but for Porsche fanatics, it's some of the sweetest music ever recorded.

Source: Porsche on YouTube

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