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Lately, performance cars have embraced automatic transmissions. Unlike the old days of power-robbing, soul-crushing autotragic slushboxes, modern, performance-oriented automatics can actually shift faster than their manual counterparts. That said, manuals are much more entertaining to drive, and a dedicated group of enthusiasts (your fearless editor included) would rather shift their own gears.

For folks like us, this man is a hero. Yandro has owned his 1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra for about three years now. Starting out with an already-potent 305-horsepower DOHC aluminum V8, Yandro took a path familiar to many Mustang owners. He started with bolt-on upgrades, then tried nitrous and superchargers before landing on his current setup.


Now on its second engine, Yandro's Cobra still has a stock-displacement 4V Mod motor (with the stock forged crank, no less) between the fenders, now fed by a pair of Precision 62mm turbochargers. Other modifications include updated factory heads from an '03-'04 Terminator Cobra and a hand-made intake manifold that's taller than Nakatomi Plaza. Yippie ki yay.

Now producing 1,500 horsepower, the bright yellow Cobra runs the quarter mile in the seven-second range, with Yandro still shifting his own gears. It's an impressive feat – we're sure that handling this beast is quite a challenge. What's more – in Yandro's words, "We still have a little bit more left in it."

Best of all, Yandro still occasionally drives his radical Mustang on the street, even retaining power windows. There's not many other creature comforts, though. When you're clicking off seven-second quarter-mile times, a roll cage, parachute, and racing harnesses prove to be far more important.

In fact, the only thing we don't like is this Mustang's nickname: "The Minion," as in those those little yellow children’s movie characters your one aunt is always posting on Facebook. We'll forgive it in this case.

Source: That Racing Channel on YouTube



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