Have you ever wanted your F-150 to look more like a Mustang? Here's your chance.

UPDATE: Michigan Vehicle Solutions provided us with 38 more high-res photos showing off the Aero X fastback bed cap on the F-150. Check them out in the gallery.

Bed caps for pickups are generally a purely functional addition to a truck by providing extra security for the stuff inside and keeping the cargo dry. However, Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) now offers a very different take on this classic idea by introducing the Aero X. This Mustang-inspired, fiberglass cover gives the Ford F-150 a fastback look that creates a very weird appearance for a pickup. The louvers over the back add an extra dash of 1980s style as a garnish to the already bizarre aesthetic.

Gallery: Michigan Vehicle Solutions Aero X Fastback Bed Cap

The fastback bed fits Ford F-150 pickups since the 2015 model year and with 5.5- and 6.5-feet-long beds. Prices start at $3,995, according to an interview from The Drive talking to MVS. The company also intends to launch versions that can fit other pickups in the future so that more owners can give their truck a fastback rear end.

While it's undoubtedly odd, the Aero X still offers usability. There's easy access to the bed by opening the panel with a key, and gas struts keep the lid in place. An LED dome light means owners don't have to worry about seeing inside at night. A third brake light integrates into the top, too. MVS also believes there is a tiny increase in fuel economy by making the truck more aerodynamic, although people are more likely to buy this bed cap for the eye-catching style rather than for a tiny boost in efficiency.

MVS also offers optional upgrades to take the look even further. Elements like a rear spoiler, vented side glass quarter windows, and even a speaker system for folks who frequently tailgate.

Source: Michigan Vehicle Solutions, The Drive

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Michigan Vehicle Solutions is announcing the immediate availability of the AERO X  - the most revolutionary truck bed cap ever offered.   This uniquely designed truck bed cap is so different; the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other foreign patent offices have awarded it numerous patents.   With fresh breathtaking styling, and dramatically improved aerodynamic efficiencies, this truck cap provides uninhibited access to the truck’s bed and maintains its complete functionality and lockable bed security.   In addition, the integrated modern rear-window louver offers enhanced styling and sun protection without obstructing rearward vision.

The design of the Aero X was created through innovative research and design collaborations by a team of leading OEM automotive and industry designers. Taking a “clean sheet approach”, the Design Team’s dedicated mission was to reinvent the truck bed cap as it is known today.  Unconstrained by the normal design and engineering protocols, the end result is purely spectacular with many innovations and built in features.  Close inspection of the Aero X will reveal smooth rounded finished edges, expertly finished surfaces, and OEM level paint finishes. Exact mold tolerances enable us to perfect our surfaces and create a finished product with interior surfaces just as beautiful as its exterior surfaces. Under the Aero X’s skin are the very best composite materials and components available in the industry today.  Absolutely no shortcuts were taken in our quest to make the highest quality cap possible.


Fuel Saving Aerodynamic Styling
Integrated Louvers Provide Sun Protection Without Hindering Rear Visibility
Fully Finished Headliner and Inside Surfaces
High Quality OEM Paint by PPG (Base and Clear Coats)
Tempered / Tinted Glass
LED Interior Dome Light
Integrated LED 3rd Brake Light
Premium Fiberglass Construction
Gas Struts Provide Safe and Convenient Opening and Closing
Unique Water Management System Prevents Leakage Without Unsightly Tubes and Hoses
Rotary Latches on Tailgate with Hidden Cable Routing
Key Operated Lock
Fixed Front Slider Window
Industry Standard Bed Clamps Requires No Modification to Your Trucks Bed

In addition, many unique options allow for additional enhancements and customization including:

Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler
Vented Side Glass Quarter Windows
Tilt Front Slider Window for Easy Cleaning
Integrated Speaker System for an Enhanced Tailgating Experience
The Aero X is initially offered for the 2015 - Current Ford F150 models with the 5.5’ and 6.5’ beds, the Aero X will soon be available for additional Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan models.