If you ever want to know what it feels like to have every person in view looking at you, then book the next flight to Lithuania and buy this modified Chrysler PT Cruiser. With a curvaceous passenger compartment that looks straight of the mind of Dr. Seuss.

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As if the high roof with curving sides isn't eye-catching enough, a baroque pattern of vines and flowers decorates the sides of the PT Cruiser and adds accents to a few other spots. A shiny chrome grille accentuates the ostentatious look at the front. 

The passenger area has lurid LED lighting, and fleurs-de-lis decorate the floor and ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling windows mean there's absolutely no privacy for anyone inside.

Given styling that looks like a modernized version of Cinderella's carriage, we suspect a vehicle like this is primarily for delivering brides to their big day. Bringing it to the U.S., could make a driver a decent amount of money during prom season, too.

This weird beast packs a 2.0-liter engine making 138 horsepower (103 kilowatts) and automatic transmission, so we don't expect this rig to be very quick. The lack of speed is perfect, though, because anyone riding in the back is surely there to be seen.

At a price of 32,000 euros ($36,585), this PT Cruiser is too expensive for most folks to make this an impulse purpose just to look cool. The person buying this beast needs to figure a good use for it just to cover the cost.

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The PT Cruiser seems to have a second life in Europe as a platform for bizarre customizations. For example, Hurtan in Spain uses them to create vehicles that evoke the look of European luxury cars from of the 1930s and ‘40s. Bulgaria's Carbon Motors also worked on these Chryslers as the basis for a pickup conversion.

Source: Autoplius

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