In all fairness, we’re pulling a bit of a fast one here. This article isn’t clickbait – the pilot of this high-wing Cessna does in fact land on a highway, opens the door, walks to the grassy right-of-way, and proceeds to relieve himself in plain sight of other motorists. A pressing bladder wasn’t the reason for this irregular landing, however. There was an actual emergency with the airplane which, if we’re honest, would have us desperately searching out a restroom for relief of a different nature.

This video comes to us from Alabama and was posted just a few days ago on ViralHog. According to the video description this Cessna experienced an engine failure, forcing the pilot to touch down on a straight section of Interstate 20 in Talladega County. Unfortunately the video starts after the light aircraft is already down, but it does show a highway with quite a bit of traffic so kudos to the pilot for pulling off a proper emergency landing without incident.

It’s what happens afterward that is of interest here. As the airplane rolls down the highway, the female passenger operating the camera ponders why the pilot doesn’t take the off-ramp. We’re going to go out on a limb and say the pilot was probably too busy dealing with a dead-stick emergency landing on a busy freaking highway to notice such things. The airplane does pull over to the shoulder before coming to a stop, and the camera car pulls in behind to see if everyone’s okay.

Here’s where the video takes a very bizarre turn. The pilot jumps out, throws a smile and a thumbs-up as if it’s just another day in the skies, and promptly heads to the very open grass on the roadside for a wee. Seriously, we couldn’t make this up if we tried.

The video abruptly ends with the dude relieving himself, though the video description goes on to say there were two people inside. Apparently it was the first flight for a student pilot, and that’s who we see exiting the airplane. Considering his introduction to aviation included an emergency landing on a highway followed by a pee in public, we’re not sure if fate actually wants this guy to earn his wings.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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