Friends, this is one of those videos that leaves us with far more questions than answers. To start with, here’s what we know: The clip comes from ViralHog on YouTube, and it shows a black Cadillac Escalade going full Grand Theft Auto off a highway embankment. The incident took place in Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan in Canada, and the video description tells us the driver wasn’t injured. That’s some good news at least.

The rest, however, has us scratching our heads. Actually, we’re way beyond that. Having watched this clip numerous times, the only explanation we can offer is exactly what we can see. The SUV completely lost control, crossed the median, launched up over the opposing lanes, then shuffled down the embankment at this intersection having narrowly avoided the overpass. Somewhere in the melee, the Escalade’s front suspension gets an unwelcome stanced makeover.

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At that point we’d expect the three-ton Caddy to stop, but nope. In fact, it rolls into the intersection like nothing happened, then appears to actually accelerate away from the scene. Perhaps the best moment in the entire clip, however, comes a few seconds later when we see a thumb on-screen for just a moment, followed by the telltale chirp as the dashcam saves the event. Yup, that moment is definitely a keeper.

We tried digging up additional information but came up empty-handed. One of the video commenters theorized that something broke on the Caddy’s front suspension prior to the harrowing adventure, and it’s not a bad theory. We can clearly see the driver-side front wheel is out of whack before it goes down the hill. If a tie rod or steering arm had broken on the driver side, it could’ve pulled the SUV hard left. Then again, that damage could’ve occurred as the Escalade careened through the median. The road surface doesn’t look icy, but it was wet at the very least.

In any case, this Cadillac managed to cross opposing traffic on the highway, miss an overpass, slide down a steep hill, and miss all cars at a four-way intersection without causing any injuries or damage to other vehicles. We’re happy the driver was okay, and honestly, we hope we’re half as lucky should the unexpected occur during our future road trips.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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