The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a ridiculously fast SUV. Credit for that goes to the infamous 707-horsepower (521-kilowatt) supercharged Hemi V8 under the hood, but don’t forget about the Jeep’s all-wheel-drive system that shuffles power to all four corners. Unfortunately, that setup also means the Trackhawk isn’t capable of atomizing rubber like its Hellcat-powered siblings can. That is, until now.

This Trackhawk life hack is brought to you courtesy of Mod2Fame Vlog on YouTube. To keep our legal department happy we must first advise all Trackhawk owners to not try this at home, because we have no idea what consequences may arise – aside from significantly shorter rear-tire life – should you perform this modification. We aren’t sure if the host of this video is aware of consequences either, though apparently the same trick was done previously to a Dodge Durango without issue.

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What is the trick exactly? According to the video it’s actually very simple. There’s a fuse in the Trackhawk’s under-hood fuse block that, when pulled, disables power to the front wheels. With all the power directed to the back, lighting up the rear tires is as simple as a quick brake torque for instant Trackhawk burnouts, no fuss no muss. The video doesn’t tell us exactly which fuse it is, though should you happen to have a Trackhawk and want to kill some tires, Mod2Fame Vlog goes through each step with a video on the aforementioned Durango. We have no idea if it’s exactly the same between the two SUVs, but as the video at the top of this page shows, pulling the right fuse certainly lets the rear tires roast themselves to oblivion.

Of course, the only benefit to this trick is a prolific smoke show. With its all-wheel-drive system functioning properly, the Trackhawk rips to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds which is technically a touch quicker than the Hellcat-powered Dodge Challenger. Weight and aerodynamics take a toll at higher speeds, but it can still surpass 175 mph – an insane figure for any SUV, never mind a Jeep.

Source: Mod2Fame Vlog via YouTube

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