There's at least one Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in the world that's doing what it was designed and built to do. A recent video from Drag Race and Car Stuff on YouTube takes us to Houston Raceway Park in Texas for a series of drag races where the slowest car runs 10 seconds flat with a speed of 141 mph.

Mind you, this field includes a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which runs the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds straight from the factory floor. It's a far cry from a mid-nine-second Demon, but you should know that none of the vehicles in this video are stock. In fact, it's the Jeep that runs the aforementioned time of 10 seconds at 141 mph. We don't know what modifications are done to the SUV for that kind of performance, but we clearly see the purging of a nitrous oxide system happening at the starting line.

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Technically speaking, the Trackhawk runs 10.02 seconds, which would be enough to rival a stock Demon. Alas, we also see some naawws purging from the Challenger, and the parachute on the back isn't just for show. When the light goes green the Demon's wheels go airborne and it crosses the line 8.61 seconds later, hitting 159 mph in the process. This is indeed one very fast Challenger SRT Demon.

It would take an insanely fast Cadillac CTS-V to challenge this mighty Mopar, but that's exactly what we get in race two. The sinister black sedan also sports a parachute on the back, and it's pulled after crossing the finish line with a 9.34-second pass, reaching 155 mph. However, the Demon driver turns it up a notch for the win, hitting almost 170 mph while running 8.23 seconds. It's the Demon's best run of the video.

The racing action concludes with one more race, and by the numbers, it's a close one. However, it's not technically a side-by-side battle, as the Demon's competitor (a modified Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat) didn't launch when the light turned green. Instead, the Demon zipped down the track unopposed, with the Challenger finally launching a few seconds later. It's too bad, because the Challenger ran 8.92 with a 157-mph trap speed versus 8.49 for the Demon.

We've certainly seen a few Dodge Challenger Demon videossince the factory-built drag racer debuted for the 2018 model year. But with just 3,300 built, it's rare to see a modified model absolutely tearing up the track.

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