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Maserati will build its upcoming luxury SUV in Detroit.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Fiat Group has decided to build the Porsche Cayenne-challenging SUV at Chrysler's Jefferson North plant in Detroit, Michigan.

The report also says that Maserati will be introducing a concept version of the SUV at the Frankfurt motor show next month.

The objective here, of course, is to build a money-maker for Maserati - a model with low production costs and a premium price tag to make for healthy margins. The idea is similar to how the Porsche Cayenne accounts for about half of the brand's deliveries while sharing production costs with sister model the Volkswagen Touareg.

VW Group also does well with the Audi premium brand, which shares much of its DNA with VW brand cars. Audi accounts for 40 percent of VW Group revenues while only representing 20 percent of its sales.

It's not known whether the luxury SUV will feature a V8 power plant from Ferrari or a HEMI V8 from the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

The question remains, though: Will wealthy consumers expecting premium Italian craftsmanship go for a Detroit-made, Jeep-based Maserati SUV?

Maybe Maserati can hire Eminem to make a commercial for it.

[Editor's Note: Photos are of the Maserati Kubang GT Wagon Concept SUV from 2003.]

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