Ford Mustang. It’s a name known to pretty much everyone regardless of where they’re at in the world. That’s a notable achievement when you consider the car spent the vast majority of its 55-year life as a darling of the American motoring scene. Only the Chevrolet Corvette can claim to hold a longer reign of uninterrupted performance production in the States, but even then, there’s plenty of room to debate which car is more popular in the eyes of the world. After all, the Mustang did create its own segment.

The folks over at BudgetDirect put together a spiffy list of the longest-running car models in the world, and this week it's the Mustang's turn in the spotlight. In addition to a cool photo collage of all six generations, we add some commentary to explain each iteration of the Mustang and how it evolved through the years. Browse the slideshow above for a closer look and a brief history lesson on Ford's iconic Pony Car.

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