With the highly anticipated debut of the Chevy Corvette C8 right around the corner, we figured it would be the right time to look back at all seven generations of what many people consider to be the quintessential American sports car. It only seems fair to take a trip down memory lane after doing the same about a month ago for another model situated at the core of the performance genre, the Ford Mustang.

Spanning across more than 60 years of existence, the Corvette has had an interesting journey throughout its seven generations. While it hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride, the fact that it’s still with us proves the model has withstood the test of time and is one of the longest-surviving nameplates in the automotive industry.

Our friends at BudgetDirect have come up with a nifty photo collage of all seven generations, from the C1 that started it all back in the early 1950s to the current C7 launched in 2013.

So, sit back and brush up on your ‘Vette knowledge. It’s a good opportunity to kill some time until the long-awaited debut of Chevy’s first production-ready mid-engined Corvette.

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