Japan seems like a weird place to hold the Gumball 3000 because the country's highways have a 62-mile-per-hour (100-kilometer-per-hour) speed limit. The armada of flashy supercars would be an easy target for the cops, especially the police's Nissan GT-R. However, the authorities don't seem to mind when the Gumball arrives in Tokyo because a flotilla of ostentatious Lamborghinis is there to lead a procession with blinking lights and fire-spitting exhausts. Shmee filmed the automotive madness.

Check Out These Other Tuned Lambos:

The fleet of around 20 highly customized Lambos are the products of tuning from the Japanese firm Fighting Star, which has a very particular style. The company doesn't believe that anything should be understated, so these machines feature wild body kits, loud exhausts, and, most notably, complex LED lighting rigs. These machines go way further than the neon underbody illumination you remember from badly modified vehicles in the 1990s. Here, the multi-colored lights blink from all over the body, including flashing from under the hood and shining continuously changing shades on the ground. One of the Lambos even has Swarovski crystals in the shape of the Lamborghini script covering the entire side of the supercar. The tuned models include some of the latest and greatest Lamborghinis, including an Aventador SV, Huracán Performante, and even Diablo. The investment that these folks put into their already pricey cars is crazy to comprehend.

We also have to give credit to the person in the Honda S660 who partakes in the fun. The little roadster costs a fraction of these Lamborghinis, but its sharp-edged style still lets the little kei-class car fit with the supercars. Shmee can't even identify the tiny sports car.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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