Overlanding seems like the hottest trend in off-roading. Unlike traditional rock crawling or mud wading, these vehicles take people into the wilderness and carry all the gear for a camping trip in the backcountry. Earthroamer is already a familiar name in this field with its rugged Ford F-550-based XV-LTS, and now the firm goes even further with the bigger, tougher, and more luxurious XV-HD.

The new model now uses a Ford F-750 chassis as the starting point. Power comes from a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 making 246 kilowatts and a stump-pulling 725 pound-feet (983 Newton-meters) of torque. The output runs through a six-speed automatic, and a four-wheel-drive system provides extra traction to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Earthroamer also fits rugged equipment like 46-inch Michelin XZL tires and a rear air suspension that features Fox shocks and hydraulic leveling. If the situation gets really dire, a 30,000-pound winch is at the front of the XV-HD.

Go Overlanding In Style

Once owners get this rugged machine to the campsite, then there is room for six people to enjoy nature in the lap of luxury. Earthroamer builds each XV-HD to order, and buyers are able to tweak the floor plan. Standard amenities include radiant floor heating, a washer/dryer, shower, and full kitchen. A Bose Surround Sound entertainment suite lets the campers enjoy their favorite media in the wilderness. As the images in the gallery show, Earthroamer uses high-end finishes like dark wood cabinets, stone countertops, and stainless steel appliances. It looks like quite a comfy place to spend some time away from civilization.

The XV-HD can handle long jaunts into the hinterlands, too. It can carry 115 gallons (435 liters) of diesel fuel and 250 gallons (946 liters) of fresh water. Plus, there are 2,100 watts of solar cells on the roof, and they charge a 20-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

Earthroamer is currently building the first three units of the XV-HD and has orders for more examples. If you want one, don't expect to get it until late 2018 or early 2019. Plus, get ready to write a check for $1.5 million, with $375,000 due as an initial deposit.

Source: Earthroamer

Gallery: EarthRoamer XV-HD Ford F-750

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EarthRoamer – Dacono, CO 
EarthRoamer, the world leader in off-road, off-grid, luxury expedition vehicles, is excited to announce the expansion of their product line with the highly anticipated XV-HD. Built on a ruggedly capable 4WD Ford F-750 chassis and designed to accommodate up to 6 people in total comfort, the EarthRoamer XV-HD is the answer for those looking to explore the backcountry without sacrificing space or amenities.

Since 1998, EarthRoamer has been designing, building and perfecting expedition vehicles that break all the rules of the traditional RV lifestyle. Coined “XVs,” EarthRoamer’s burly self-sufficient vehicles get you off the grid and away from crowded RV parks so you can travel on your own terms-without the need for propane or a noisy generator. The popular F-550 based XV-LTS model has been a huge success with almost 200 on the road and an impressive track record for performance and craftsmanship. Now, with the larger and more technologically advanced XV-HD, EarthRoamer is taking their proven luxury overlanding concept to new heights.

“The HD is our most innovative product yet,” says Tyler Tatro, President and COO of EarthRoamer. “It utilizes state-of-the-art construction and systems to bring comfort and functionality to the next level.”

The capability of the XV-HD starts at its foundation. Utilizing a 4WD converted Ford F-750 with a 6.7L Powerstroke engine, the base for the XV-HD is rock solid. EarthRoamer increases the off-road capability further by adding 46” Michelin XZL’s, rear air suspension with Fox shocks, hydraulic leveling, hydraulic front 30,000 lb. Warn Industries winch, a full LED light array from Baja Designs, and much more. Escaping the crowds and traveling on your own terms is one thing, but staying out in total comfort is the ultimate goal for the XV-HD. With 2,100 watts of solar capability, a 20,000-watt Lithium Ion battery bank, a PTO driven hydraulic generator, 250 gallons of fresh water capacity, and 115 gallons of diesel fuel capacity, the XV-HD is equipped for the long haul.

The rugged brawn of the XV-HD is matched only by it’s luxuriously outfitted interior and handcrafted finishes. Featuring a full bathroom with separate shower, washer/dryer, full kitchen with premium appliances, in-floor radiant heating, Bose Surround Sound entertainment, and King Ranch trim in the cab, the XV-HD lets you have it all – wherever you travel.

For more information, visit www.earthroamer.com/XV-HD.

EarthRoamer designs and builds the world’s bestselling expedition vehicles. Hand built by craftsman in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, EarthRoamer XVs enable adventurers to travel far off the beaten path in unparalleled safety and comfort-without the need for water, sewer or electrical hook ups. Designed from the ground-up to be capable of traveling over all types of terrain while providing a luxurious camping experience, an EarthRoamer empowers you to truly Live Your Dream.

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