Folks, Kia has come a very long way from the days of the Sephia. We know there are people out there who think of this car when someone mentions Kia, but if the last several years haven’t opened your eyes, perhaps this Stinger GT hitting 168 mph (271 km/h) will. Admittedly we’re only given a close look at the speedo, but the video comes from AutoTopNL on YouTube and those performance fans love bolting cameras to cars and exercising them on the Autobahn. In other words, we have every single confidence this top-speed run is legit.


Kia Stinger GT top speed
Kia Stinger GT top speed

It’s also a straight-up max run for the Kia Stinger, which technically lists its top speed at 167 mph for the GT. Judging by the swiftness of the speedo, it doesn’t take very long to get there either. Kia says the Stinger GT will clip to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, something we firmly believe after having considerable time behind the wheel.

That thrust, of course, comes courtesy of its 3.3-liter biturbo V6 producing 365 horsepower. Being a proper sport sedan, thrust is sent to the rear wheels or optional all-wheel drive. One thing we really like about the all-wheel drive model is that 80 percent of the power still goes rearward in sport mode, giving drivers the opportunity to have all kinds of giddy fun with the gutzy V6 up front. And there’s plenty of fun to be had – having flung this car around more than a few corners, we challenge any devoted fan of German sport sedans to not grudgingly admit the Stinger has some moves. Then again, having a chassis engineered by Albert Biermann – who once led the M division at BMW – certainly helps.

Sadly, we don’t get to see that chassis put to use in this video. But hitting 168 mph in a Kia on an unrestricted Autobahn isn’t too shabby either.

Source:  AutoTopNL

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Photo by: Greg Jarem
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