Just days after going all out in the M550d, the folks over at YouTube’s AutoTopNL have taken another high-performance BMW for a top speed run. The model of choice was Bavaria’s V12 monster in the long wheelbase specification, the only one available in the United States where it’s simply known as the M760i, without the “L” in its name.

It wasn’t an “ordinary” version as it had the optional M Driver’s Package, which unfortunately you can’t have on the U.S. model. Why is this relevant? Because a normal M760i has the electronic top speed limiter programmed to kick in at 250 kph (155 mph) whereas the upgraded version loosens it up to allow the fullsize luxury sedan to reach 305 kph (190 mph) - still electronically governed.

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As the POV footage is showing, the man behind the wheel tries several times to take the BMW M760i to the max on unrestricted sections of Germany’s glorious Autobahn. It’s only later in the video (run starts at around the 5:38 mark) he manages to push the V12 powerhouse to its limits and force the top speed limiter to do its thing.

BMW 760Li top speed

While the speedometer is showing almost 320 kph (199 mph), in reality the car was probably doing the claimed (and capped) top speed of 305 kph (190 mph). The rev counter was at approximately 5,500 rpm and chances are there was still room for a few more mph to squeeze. Who knows, maybe without the limiter in place, the M760i could hit the magical 200-mph mark. Even so, 190 mph is hugely impressive taking into account the U.S.-spec car we reviewed earlier this year weighed a whopping 5,128 pounds (2,326 kilograms).

It might not be a fully fledged M car, but does it really matter at the end of the day? And while BMW offers it exclusively with xDrive, Alpina is selling in some markets – such as the U.K. - a rear-wheel-drive B7 Bi-Turbo for those looking for a tail-happy V12 luxobarge.

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