An unusual cross between a Lamborghini Gallardo V10 and a Ford Mustang GT is now up for sale in Eastlake, Ohio.  The Tractorri Mustang has been referred to as the "crown jewel" of seller R & H Collectibles' private collection.

Essentially, the car is a Gallardo surrounded by a Mustang shell.  Although the car is still fully-functioning, the sale listing mentions that the car's owner drives the vehicle frequently.  That is sure to pull down the value of the car in time.

If the car looks familiar, that's because reports of the vehicle surfaced all over the web more than two years ago when it debuted at SEMA 2007.  Pricing for the used tuner work has not been announced.

Gallery: For Sale: Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang - Gallardang?

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