Mcchip presents a new tuning kit for the Ford Focus RS. It comes in two stages, a 254kW (345hp) and a 295kW (401hp) version.

German tuner Mcchip has extended the power and torque band provided by the Ford Focus RS to the extreme. The standard front-wheel-drive RS already gives a good 224kW (305hp) and 440Nm of torque through its 6-speed manual gearbox.

Mcchip engineers have sought to increase this substantially via two stages of tuning. The first involves only the remapping of control software for a hike of 30kW to 254kW (345hp). Newton metres go up to 520Nm. No 0 - 100km/h figures were supplied but top speed is rated at 271km/h.

Power stage 2 sees the inclusion of an enhanced intercooler, special spark plugs, more engine electronics modifications, a sports exhaust system and a new inlet manifold. These actions take matters to 295kW (401hp) and maximum torque of 612Nm. Peak velocity grows slightly to 278km/h (173mph). Power stage 1 costs €799 while Power stage 2 will set you back €4,499.

By making all these changes Mcchip believes it has created not just a significant speed machine but also a useable everyday sports car.


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