Revealed to the general public in October 2007, the Citroen C5 is one of the oldest vehicles on the European market. With almost 10 years in the showrooms, the model is finally being phased out and the last example just rolled off PSA’s assembly lines in Rennes, France.

While that’s a move everyone expected, the end of the production marks the last time, at least for now, Citroen uses its famous hydropneumatic suspension. Back in 2015, the automaker confirmed officially it will axe the technology and will replace it with something revolutionary due to the high production costs and low customer demand.

The second generation of the C5 was sold to more than 635,000 clients during the ten years it was on the market with 435,000 of them delivered in Europe. However, in 2016 Citroen managed to sell less than 10,000 examples of the model on the Old continent.

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The last manufactured C5 for Europe is a station wagon – the production of the sedan ended last year. Citroen will continue to assemble a modernized version of the vehicle in China, where the car is offered with a refreshed design, entirely new interior, and a standard spring suspension. Customers in the People’s Republic remain fond of the traditional sedan bodystyle – and that’s why the French marque decided not to completely rework the C5.

As for the European market, Citroen is working on a brand new generation of the model that is rumored to arrive next year. Most likely, it will take the shape of a large hatchback with possible hybrid powertrains. Again, the brand’s Hydractive suspension will be replaced by a standard suspension with comfortable setup.

Source: Automobile Magazine via The Quebec Telegram

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