Manufacturers and driving enthusiasts congregate at the Nürburgring to challenge the circuit's plethora of turns and massive elevation changes. When not hosting races or industry testing, the course is technically a one-way toll road, which means any street legal motor vehicle can take on the course. The video of a bizarre Fiat 500 with an incredibly narrow rear axle shows just how weird some of the cars on the ‘Ring can be.

Fiat 500 trois roues
Fiat 500 trois roues

This odd contraption called an Ellenators is a way for 16-year-olds in Germany to hit the road. Usually, someone there needs to be 18 to get a driver’s license, but special modifications offer a way around that requirement. The vehicles rear track can’t exceed 18.1 inches (46 centimeters). The regulations allow for one or two tires at the back as long setup meets the width requirement. In addition, the engine may only produce 20 horsepower (14.71 kilowatts), and the top speed can’t exceed 56 miles per hour (90 kilometers per hour). This one having fake wheels and tires painted on the side is an especially cheeky touch.

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The conversion work costs 4500 to 5000 euros ($4,919 to $5,465) so getting one of these isn’t cheap, either. Wait a couple more years, and a person could have a vehicle with a lot more performance for lapping the track. It takes a real desire to be on road to get one of these.

The kid driving this special Fiat deserves some serious credit for taking it on the ‘Ring. Given the meager engine output and relatively low top speed, a lap around the Green Hell is probably an extremely slow process.  This is probably a good way to learn the track’s layout, though.

Source : Auto Evolution

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