In 2017, the Mustang becomes available in six more markets worldwide, including Brazil.

The Ford Mustang is tallying its second year of being the world’s best-selling sports car. The Blue Oval delivered over 150,000 units of the pony car worldwide in 2016, including over 45,000 of them outside the U.S.

The ‘Stangs success is even more impressive when considering that 2016 is only the second year of Ford officially exporting the pony car to 140 markets worldwide. The company is adding six more soon, including Brazil, the Palau Islands, and the Ivory Coast.

Since the decision to make the Mustang part of its global lineup for the 2015 model year, Ford has shipped over 98,000 units of the venerable pony car outside the U.S. The Blue Oval expects to export 30 percent of the vehicle’s production in 2017, too.

Ford Mustang Worldwide
Ford Mustang Worldwide

China and Germany are especially fond of the Mustang already. It was the best-selling sports car in both countries in 2015. Deliveries of the pony car in the major Asian market jumped a further 74 percent in 2016, too.

With over 50 years on the road, Ford figures that the Mustang is America’s bestselling sports car in that time. Where fellow performance models like the Chevrolet Camaro took time off the market or completely disappeared, the ‘Stang remained on sale. A gargantuan aftermarket and equally massive network of enthusiasts also make keeping an old Mustang relatively easy.

Ford is giving the Mustang a major refresh for the 2018 model year that should keep its global success going. Revised styling makes the pony car look even more aggressive, especially from the more defined arch in the hood and angular headlights. Inside, the Blue Oval also adds modern amenities like an optional digital instrument panel.

2018 Ford Mustang

The 2018 Mustang also has upgraded powertrains, but Ford is still keeping details about the changes a secret. Raised compression and revised fuel injection gives the 5.0-liter V8 more power and better fuel economy. Torque from the 2.3-liter EcoBoost also improves, and the V6 leaves the lineup. The Blue Oval’s 10-speed automatic is available with both engines. The 2018 ‘Stang gallops into showrooms this fall.


Source: Ford

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