Looking to get your hands on one of the last Vipers? Call up this North Carolina Dodge dealer which just ordered up the remaining lot.

Next year marks the end of an era — the new Dodge Viper will officially end production after five years on the market. Unfortunately it wasn’t the sales magnet Dodge had hoped it would be when the car was introduced in 2012. But at least one dealer thinks that this V10-powered supercar will still have plenty of value on the marketplace.

Gerry Wood Dodge of Salisbury, North Carolina, says on its website that it has just snatched up anywhere between 135 to 140 new Vipers, depending on which part of the website you’re reading. That order makes up about “99 percent of remaining production,” says the dealership.

In buying up the remaining 99 percent, the dealership even went so far as to put together an “exclusive Viper team.” That team would go through 8,000 plus color combinations available to buyers and develop three special edition Viper trims only available at said dealer. 

2016 Dodge Viper TA

Those three special edition trims include the “ACR Solid Edition,” which comes with ACR aero components and carbon fiber trim, the “Advanced Aero Solid Edition,” which comes with the Advanced Aero package and luxury interior options, and the “Black Stripe Edition,” of which only six were ordered and feature ACR aero components, two central black stripes, and a black gold finish.

Of the lot, those three special editions make up close to 40 of the 135 to 140 cars the dealership purchased in total, while the rest vary wildly in color, trim, and options. If that doesn’t sound like reason enough to head down to the North Carolina dealer, a statement from the owner of the company had this to say:

“When it was finally confirmed that the Viper was going to cease production, I felt an obligation as a fan, owner, and Dodge dealer to help others experience the rare privilege of experiencing this amazing machine.

For those who think we are ‘cornering the market,’ or will mark up our cars you all couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have never marked cars up over MSRP… We just saw that the order were not being filled and the plant is closing down, so we wanted to make sure all these cars were produced.”

Source: Gerry Wood Dodge via Jalopnik

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