It's podcast time! This week Associate Video Producer Kyle Freudenberg is our guest. First, we dig into the big news from General Motors this week. Then, we do a twist on the cheap car challenge where we try to find the perfect scary car for Halloween.

The Chevrolet Silverado EV will debut at CES 2022 on January 5 during Mary Barra's keynote address. The announcement included our first real glimpse of the truck, at least its glass roof panel. This also provided a look into the cabin, including a large, portrait-oriented infotainment screen.


We are definitely interested in the Silverado EV because it's one more entry in the burgeoning electric pickup segment. Compared to the Hummer EV truck, we are expecting the Silverado to be less expensive, and Chevy is confirming versions of the model for commercial and retail customers.

GM Ultra Cruise

GM also showed off Ultra Cruiseas the next step beyond Super Cruise. We get into a discussion about the future of autonomous driving, and the prospects of the tech fully taking over motoring.

The fun really begins with our scary car challenge. The rules are that there's no price limit, and you can make changes that don't permanently affect the vehicle – think fake blood or adding decals. Kyle finds a creepy Cadillac limo. Smith has a decrepit Buick hearse. Bruce has an elaborate plan for a former military Humvee. We have other picks too, but those are the highlights.

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