There maybe no quicker car in the world than the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode. Supercar after supercar has lined up against Elon's sleeper and one by one they've fallen. Officially, the car is rated to reach 60 miles per hour in 2.3 seconds. Unofficially, it could be even quicker in the right hands. 

Use promo code VJ0519L with your $25 donation to receive 50% more chances to win!

Those hands could be yours! Dream Giveaway is giving away a Tesla Model S P100D to support its charities and tickets start at $3 apiece. Donating $25 will get you 20 tickets – a much better deal – and Dream Giveway is sweetening the deal for readers by throwing in 50% more tickets when you use the promo code VJ0519L.

That means $25 gets you 30 chances to win this amazing Model S. The deadline to donate and enter is fast approaching on June 25th, after which the hopper closes and Dream Giveaway will be randomly select the winner.

Gallery: Tesla Model S P100D from Dream Giveaway

Whoever that is won't just win a Tesla Model S P100D. Dream Giveaway is also including $35,000 cash to pay taxes on your prize, so you'll drive away in your Tesla free of any obligations to Uncle Sam for your good fortune.

Dream Giveaway raffles support a wide range of charitable organizations with the money you donate. Reputable charities like M.A.D.D., Bright Pink, Detroit Rescue Mission, and more receive support from Dream Giveaway promotions like this one. You can read more about how these funds are distributed here.

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