Buick has made much hay about its new Avenir trim level, which is currently offered on the LaCrosse sedan and Enclave full-size crossover SUV. Soon it will join the Regal sedan, and much like sibling brand GMC has done with its Denali treatment, spread further across the lineup from there.

An Avenir model is supposed to be the best version Buick offers, and usually comes with features not available on lesser trims. It also comes with a higher cost, and presumably more profit for Buick.

Is it worth it? Buick’s marketing team would have us believe so, associating this new trim level with luxury brand’s like Hacker-Craft, which builds quarter-million-dollar wooden boats. They even deserve credit for the name: Avenir. Sounds like a new Bentley, right?

There’s only one way to judge whether or not an Avenir is really worth your extra dollars, and that’s digging deep to find out exactly what you’re getting. Click next to find out what Avenir really adds to the Buick Enclave.

Photo by: John Neff
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