Aston Martin celebrated its 110th anniversary last year. While the company has had its struggles, that number alone is evidence of a lasting, influential brand with real staying power. Another figure? An incredible 90 percent of Aston Martins are still on the road.

The astonishing statistic, shared by head of product and market strategy Alex Long to journalists at an event in New York on Monday, represents about 110,000 cars built since the company's inception in 1913.

"A lot of countries share live VINs, and you know, if you ever go through recall processes, you understand what's out there and what's not," Long told Motor1, speaking on the process of tracking which vehicles are still in service. 

"At main dealers, we serve an incredible amount of the global percentage of cars because people want to protect the value of their cars and service them with main agents," Long added. "You start to see VIN numbers on the system that you thought you'd never see, and you can summarize that data."

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The percentage is a clear indication of the deep passion owners and enthusiasts have for the Aston Martin brand. The ratio of Astons on the road is greater even than the G-Wagen, of which about 80 percent of vehicles are still on the road today.

"It's an emotional play for sure," says communications director Kevin Watters. "There are cars out there that are probably economically unviable at times to restore, but people do it out of pure love, number one of which is Lawrence [Stroll, CEO of Aston Martin]. He's got an enormous collection of Astons which is constantly being brought back up to factory standards."

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