Ford has a modest selection of vehicles designed specifically for police duty, but the Mustang isn't among them. That hasn't stopped the North Carolina State Highway Patrol from buying 25 examples to use for patrol duties across the state. These aren't four-cylinder EcoBoosts, either. State Troopers have 486-horsepower GTs in their fleet.

That's the word from the patrol's Instagram account, where several photos were shared showing the 2024 Mustang wearing the state's silver and black livery. We don't know if these are standard GTs or the Premium trim, but the wheels and rear wing tell us the cars have the optional GT Performance Package. The $4,995 add-on brings Brembo brakes, upgraded suspension, a Torsen differential, extra chassis bracing, tweaked exhaust, and front tow hooks.


It's safe to assume the $1,595 10-speed automatic transmission is included on these cars as well. That brings the final price to $50,790, using the standard GT as the starting point. In the Instagram post, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol claims the cost is "comparable to other vehicles currently deployed" in its fleet. And with 486 hp on tap, it's certainly capable of chasing down speeders. With the current Dodge Charger ending production and a next-generation police variant still in the works, it seems the pony car is stepping up for high-performance patrol duty.

The Mustang has a history with police service dating back to the 1980s. For a time, Ford offered its old 5.0 with a Special Service Package (SSP) that featured a plethora of upgraded components specifically for law enforcement duty. Perusing Ford's current cop car lineup, we see SSV trims for the F-150 and Expedition. It's just not offered for the Mustang.

We contacted Ford Pro about the possibility of special equipment-delete options or something below a full-on police package that could be offered to municipalities. A spokesperson confirmed there is nothing for Mustang from the factory that caters to police forces, but advises us that various upfit companies offer Mustang-specific items for patrol use.

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