The new Dodge Charger is here, and with it come questions about whether a police-specific trim will be offered alongside the publicly available models, as has been the case with past generations of the car.

When asked about whether Dodge has plans to offer a "Pursuit" version of its new Charger, CEO Tim Kuniskis told reporters "it’s definitely on our radar.”

While Dodge does not break down Charger sales by trim, Kuniskis acknowledged that law enforcement has been a notable aspect of the Charger’s business, but stopped short of confirming any plans, ultimately saying that the police-spec Charger's future has yet to be determined. 


Since Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria in 2012, the Charger has stepped in as the de-facto sedan of choice for law enforcement nationwide, with numerous positions in local, state, and federal bureaus.

It's unclear whether a Charger Pursuit, should it be offered, will be based on the all-electric Charger Daytona coming later this year or the inline-six gas-powered Charger "Sixpack" arriving in 2025. If the new Pursuit is anything like past models, enforcement administrators will likely have a range of customization choices that will allow them to spec their cars to best fit their needs. 

With the Charger Daytona just months away from arriving at dealerships, it should only be a matter of time before we learn the fate of one of America's most popular cop cars. 

Additional reporting by Christopher Smith. 

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