Pour one out for this 1952 Chevrolet two-door sedan. It's absolutely filthy and shows evidence of a crash at some point in its long life, but it's what you can't see that matters most. After sitting on a concrete barn floor for the last 48 years, its frame is rotten.

This Chevy is destined for the crusher, but it's not going to its final resting place without a final wash. The car is the center point for the latest cleanup project from Detail Dane, who discovered this relic not far from his Northern Michigan shop.

The owner's father acquired the car in the 1970s when he bought a house through a tax sale. It was sitting in the garage and subsequently trailered to the barn, where it was started and driven "a little bit" around the building before going inside. That was in 1976, and that's where it stayed until Dane arrived with his trailer and a video camera.

Clearly this Chevy's been parked for decades, but old snow tires on the back suggest it was parked during winter. In Michigan, that means road salt. And sadly, it appears this car wasn't washed prior to its long slumber. There's considerable rust underneath, with corrosion a serious toll on the acres of chrome. It rolls out of the barn without much fanfare, though, and at a glance, appears to be a good candidate for restoration.

Then the cleanup begins. The exterior is so filthy that a vacuum is called in before the power washing begins. A huge mouse nest is found in the trunk, and the interior is filled with mold. It's there where the sedan's mortal wounds are discovered. After removing the seats we can see the floor is rotted through. We can also see huge holes in the frame not visible from underneath. Bummer.

A good frame could be sourced for restoration, but a 1952 Chevrolet two-door sedan (in Styleline Deluxe trim) doesn't command big money like those from later in the decade. And with the dirt cleared away, it's obvious this car had some collision damage and a repaint at some point. Add it all up, and you have a crusty classic that just isn't worth saving.

1952 Chevrolet Sedan Cleanup

That doesn't mean its story is over, however. In the video, Dane says he bought the car and might do something a bit crazy, like drop it on a 4x4 frame to make a big off-roader. Parting it out is also an option, but whatever happens from here, its life as a humble Chevy sedan is well and truly over.

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