There's nothing quite like a Mark X Jaguar. Built through the 1960s, the stately sedan's soft body lines were a distinct contrast to the sharp-edged American cars of the era. This particular Jaguar is a 1964 model, recently uncovered in the northern region of Michigan's lower peninsula where it's been stored in a barn since the mid-1990s. Now, it's breathing some fresh air after getting a long overdue car wash. And it's for sale, too.

Detail Dane on YouTube shares this automotive awaking with us. This is the same Michigan-based YouTuber who reclaimed a forgotten Acura NSX and Audi R8 from the elements, and now his attention is on the pride and joy of England. It's unknown why this Jaguar was parked in a Michigan barn, but its current ownership believes it was there since at least the mid-1990s. Judging by the sheer amount of dirt on the exterior, we have no problem believing that. For the record, this car is actually white.

It also clearly wants to be rescued. It rolls out of the barn with surprising ease, though it takes a small army to shove it up the ramp into a waiting trailer. Once back at the shop, the heavy work begins and we slowly remember just how beautiful these old Jags really are. Literal layers of dirt give way to a bright white finish, and even the chrome comes back to life with some persuasion.

The interior is a bit rough with evidence of mice everywhere, but sections of the original wood dash are found wrapped up in the back seat. They look pretty good, too, as if they were removed for a planned restoration that never happened. What looks like an original spare tire is found in the trunk along with a Jaguar tool kit, and that's all treated to a thorough cleaning as well. The end result is as satisfying as it is astounding.

As we mentioned, the car is for sale. That's actually how Detail Dane found it—the car was included with property purchased by the Little Traverse Conservancy in 2020. It's a non-profit devoted to preserving land throughout the region, and the proceeds of the sale go to the organization. Originally listed online in its barn-find condition, the car is now all cleaned up and relisted at $10,000.

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