While not nearly as popular as The Simpsons, Matt Groening's Futurama gathered a solid following over the years, amassing 150 episodes over eight seasons. So if you're a die-hard, you need to check out this tribute to the show's Planet Express spaceship built atop a 2002 Honda Odyssey. It's currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Commerce City, Colorado, for $2,500.

Eric, the seller, customized this Odyssey in late 2019. The exterior wears lots of teal paint with a red pinstripe just like the Planet Express. Pictures of Futurama characters are on the fake portholes along the sides. The minivan also wears a set of fins to mimic the look of the spaceship. These pieces are removable for transporting the Honda. A gun turret is on the roof, and a fake rocket exhaust attaches to the back. 

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"It's just one of 9 movie-themed cars I've got... long story right there," Eric told Motor1.

Eric notes in the listing that this Planet Express tribute is supposed to be a display prop for events like comic conventions. The van needs to be trailered to haul it around. 

The Odyssey can still drive but currently suffers from an engine knock. The listing also notes that the vehicle wouldn't pass an emissions test. That's not a big deal because the severely limited visibility from the painted windows would make driving this van nearly impossible anyway. There's a backup camera for somewhat easier maneuvering.

The interior is stripped out, other than the two front seats. Most side panels are also missing, exposing much of the wiring. The sliding doors are sealed shut. Perhaps the new owner could customize the cabin in the spirit of Futurama to make it match the exterior.

Eric is selling the Odyssey as is. If you live near Commerce Park, he might be able to deliver the van to the buyer.

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