Tis the season for teasers, and Dodge just offered one nestled in a short 15-second video. Don't blink because you'll miss it, but at the five-second mark, there's a drawing of a red two-door in a very festive setting. That sure looks like the Dodge Charger Daytona concept, but it also looks a touch different to our eyes. Could this be a taste of the production version?

We pinged Dodge and asked this directly, but were greeted with no official comment. All we have is this brief view of a car dashing through the snow and some helpful fine print at the bottom of the screen: "Preproduction model shown for illustration purposes only. Available late 2024."

Dodge Charger Teaser

It suggest we're looking at something new, and we have an official timeframe of when such a car will arrive. There's little doubt this is the new Charger, looking very much like the concept that debuted back in 2022. We see the same aggressive sculpting in the hood, the same square chin, the same beltline. But something is different here. Check out the headlights. They look round.

That's even more interesting seeing as how the current Charger doesn't have round headlights. The Charger Daytona concept doesn't either, but the current Challenger does. Could this actually be a teaser for the new Challenger? Or does it point to the Charger having round lights? Or, is this just a blurry drawing of the concept that makes rectangular lights look round? We have many questions and sadly, they aren't getting answered anytime soon.

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We will add these questions to the list, alongside the rumors of internal combustion and electric versions coexisting for the next generation. Dodge initially told us the new Charger would be electric only, but that original statement has since morphed into a no comment. With cooling demand for EVs and some governments walking back aggressive EV plans, a Hurricane-powered Charger living alongside a 900-horsepwer electric Banshee could soon be a reality.

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