Pricing is out for the 2024 Honda Civic Type R, and if you were holding out for a purchase this year, we have some bad news. You'll pay $1,900 more to put Honda's hot hatchback in your garage, and you won't get anything extra for the effort.

A year-over-year price increase certainly isn't uncommon in the new-car world, though it usually comes with changes like new features or more standard equipment. Sometimes, increases are the result of an automaker dropping an entry-level trim, but none of that applies here. A Honda spokesperson explained to Motor1 that the Civic Type R's higher sticker price is due to "higher costs associated with production and logistics and is taking effect with the 2024 model year."

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Jumping onto Honda's website, you'll find the starting MSRP now sits at $44,795 before destination. Last year, the Type R started at $42,895. The mandatory $1,095 destination charge hasn't changed. That brings us to $45,890 for the 2024 model year and for that, you get a 315-horsepower Civic finished in either Rallye Red or Crystal Black Pearl.

The standard price also includes Matte Black 19-inch wheels, a two-tone red/black interior, the Honda Sensing suite of driver assists, and a Bose stereo, among many other features. A base model Civic Type R isn't wanting for features. Still, a hefty $1,900 jump without any added content might be a hard pill for some buyers to swallow.

Curiously, we don't see anywhere near the same increase for the 2024 Honda Civic SI, which is up $300 to start at $30,195 (including destination). Of course, dealer markups for the Type R were widely seen when it reached dealerships later in 2022.

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