The Toyota GR Corolla sold in the United States may not be a direct homologation special like its GR Yaris sibling available overseas, but it's still packing a bunch of rally-inspired upgrades. There's all-wheel drive, flared fenders, and a turbocharged engine making 300 horsepower — all you'd need to have a great time on an unpaved set of twisties.

That's exactly what one owner decided to do. The GR Panda on YouTube recently shared an in-cabin video of a white GR Corolla flying down a beautiful dirt-covered forest road at an impressive pace, with lots of sideways action. It's exactly the type of situation where we'd expect this car to thrive, considering its short wheelbase and adjustable trick AWD system. 

The channel says they got permission from the local Forest Service outpost to shred through the picturesque scenery, giving us some high-speed action more akin to actual stage rally speeds. And from what we can tell, the Corolla performs flawlessly.

Thankfully, the driver doesn't hold much back when it comes to slapping bumps in the road or going full-speed through big puddles, despite all of the noise coming from the suspension and interior plastics squeaking. They treat the GR Corolla like the rally-inspired machine that it is, going foot to the floor at each corner exit to blast to the next bend. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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