If you're having a bad day, it could be worse. You could be the driver of this Ferrari 275 GTB, who had the misfortune of losing control of the million-dollar machine at a most inopportune time. The good news? The driver is okay. The car, however, is not.

This collision occurred early on October 19 in Italy, specifically in the northern region near San Rocco al Porto. IlPiacenza reports the 60-year-old driver was leaving a shopping center when the car went off-road, sliding into a fence. Details on exactly how it happened aren't available, other than the driver simply losing control. Based on the single photo showing the scene, damp conditions could be partially to blame.

The driver walked away without injury, but the Ferrari didn't fare as well. Damage is clearly visible to the fender as well as the front pan, and the headlight cover is missing in action. Mind you, this is only what we can see on the one side – there could certainly be mechanical issues underneath with suspension components. Hopefully, the Colombo V12 engine is unaffected. And with these cars generally selling for upwards of $3 million these days, it was a very bad day for this Ferrari driver. At least the car looks repairable. Depending on potential damage underneath, it could still be drivable.

But one doesn't simply take a 60-year-old Ferrari to a shop. That's especially true for the 275 GTB, of which less than 500 were built during its 1964-1966 production run. The successor to the iconic 250 GTO, the 275 GTB was the first road-going Ferrari to feature a rear-mounted transaxle with independent rear suspension. Under the hood, the 3.3-liter V12 was the final iteration of the Colombo mill, ultimately producing upward of 320 horsepower in quad-cam format.

We don't have details regarding this specific 275 GTB, but when you're talking about a rare Ferrari involved in a crash, the heartbreak is the same across the board. Stay safe out there everyone.

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