What level of awesomeness exists beyond the highest level of awesomeness? There are precious few cars that could humble a Bugatti Veyron, and this video captures arguably the most humbling of them all. We aren't talking speed obviously, but pedigree, beauty, rarity, and of course, value. This is a legit 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO enjoying a spirited, public drive with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. The awesome meter is officially off the scale.

It's even better than that though. According to the video description posted to this YouTube clip from TheTFFJ, this particular GTO is the second one ever built and the first to go racing. That makes it chassis no. 3387, which has quite a history according to barchetta.cc. That also means it's exceedingly valuable; we reported on this actual car back in 2016 demanding a price over $50 million. Seeing perhaps the most valuable car in the world anywhere is special. Catching it on a public highway with its Colombo V12 raucously dancing through the full rev range is spine-tingling. Add in the Bugatti, and we have pure motoring nirvana.

But it still gets better.

For 8 minutes and 10 seconds, the video focuses on the GTO with some occasional glimpses of the Veyron. However, the sounds are all Ferrari – you'll find no narration, no music, no influencers introducing the video or summarizing it at the end. There's absolutely nothing to distract from the GTO's graceful lines and operatic voice, so YouTubers of the world, take notice. There's a time and a place for witty narration and clever content. But sometimes, it's best to just let the car speak for itself. And holy potatoes does this GTO speak. Top tip: jump to the 6:50 mark for perhaps the best Ferrari V12 sound clip of all time.

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At this point, we suspect some of you might be skeptical as to this being an actual GTO, never mind the first one to ever race. In the video comments, TheTFFJ mentions this car as being recently restored by renowned classic car and Ferrari guru Joe Macari, taking it to its original racing specifications. Sure enough, an Instagram post from Joe Macari Performance Cars dated February 5 shows the car in an epic GTO family portrait. Short of seeing the actual car in person to check its chassis number, everything checks out.


Yes, we're unabashedly in complete and total love with this video. The sights and sounds are superb, and frankly, if you're not at least appreciative of this 28-cylinder French-Italian meetup, turn in your enthusiast card and get a bus pass. This is the stuff that petrolheads dream about.

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