In order to know more about the shape and design of the next-generation Alfa Romeo Stelvio, we will have to wait until around 2026. But that’s probably way too long for the Alfisti around the world and instead, we decided to create an exclusive rendering previewing the SUV with a complete overhaul in the styling department. The result is in the gallery attached below.

One thing that probably seems certain even at this very early stage is that the next-generation Stelvio will be purely electric. In an interview from November last year, Alfa’s Head of Product, Daniel Guzzafame, admitted the Italian company won’t invest in electrifying the current Stelvio and will instead focus on making its successor purely electric. The new Stelvio’s electric-only powertrain range is not just a speculation on our side as Alfa Romeo has already confirmed it will sell only electric cars starting from 2027.

Gallery: 2026 Alfa Romeo Stelvio renderings

As far as the design is concerned, you can probably take this rendering as pure speculation but our artists have imagined the new SUV with styling influences from the recently unveiled 33 Stradale. Expect to possibly see a new interpretation of the brand’s logo, slimmer headlights, and a mostly closed-off front fascia with air openings in the lower section.

One particularly interesting idea can be seen at the back. The C-shaped taillights are connected by a coast-to-coast LED stripe but there’s another pair of illuminated bars that form a triangle. In the center of that shape sits Alfa Romeo’s logo, which is presented in a more historic font here. 

Back to what’s going to happen underneath the skin, we expect Stellantis’ STLA Large platform to be used as a foundation for the new Stelvio. Several all-electric powertrains are expected, possibly ranging from a base 350-horsepower model to around 800 hp in the Quadrifoglio. In terms of battery technology, word on the street is 100- and 118-kilowatt-hour battery packs will be available, offering a range of up to about 500 miles on a single charge.

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