The Toyota Sienna is a relatively rare bird on the US market – it is one of the very few remaining minivans that are still available in 2023. It is much more than just a family hauler, though – it’s practical, it’s comfortable, and it’s capable in many ways. So much so that it can even be turned into a camper without too much effort.

This is what Justin – the creator and owner of the Just-in a Van channel on YouTube – did with his 2023 Sienna. But his build has a special trick that we don’t see often on camper conversions based on mass-production vehicles. He describes his project as a “no-build” minivan, which means the entire camper equipment can be taken out with no damage to the vehicle.

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This isn’t a stealth camper per se. Yes, the exterior is mostly stock, which means the Sienna retains its sleek-looking body. The huge hint that this is actually a camper is the solar panels on the roof. There’s also a roof rack for kayaks and other equipment, as well as a cargo box.

A hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain sits under the skin with an on-demand AWD system that engages the electric motors when more traction is needed. As the owner of the vehicle says in the video, the minivan has been absolutely great in the Michigan winters so far.

As mentioned, nothing on this camper is mounted permanently or has affected the original condition of the vehicle. Inside, the minivan doesn’t look exactly luxurious but everything seems to be very cozy. And, more importantly, the living area is very smart – take for example the bed that converts to a couch that can face forward or back. Also, there’s a mini kitchen.

Justin can even spend some time off-grid with this Sienna minivan. There’s a small 1-kilowatt-hour battery pack that powers the microwave and other smaller appliances. If Justin wants heating or cooling, the hybrid system comes in handy by turning on the combustion engine only for a few minutes every 10 or 15 minutes.

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