The future seems exciting for the BMW M2. The Munich-based company is currently working on the hotter CS version of the model and it seems that a variant with an all-wheel drive could be also under development. There’s no evidence in the form of test prototypes yet but a new report claims BMW will soon make the final decision on the M2 xDrive and that the chances for a production green light are high at the moment.

BMW Blog doesn’t disclose its sources but says in a new article that the solid demand for the M3 and M4 xDrive models works in favor of the potential M2 xDrive. There’s no final decision made yet and BMW is reportedly expected to give its final verdict very soon before a potential 2026 launch.

There are downsides to the project – like the added weight to the already heavy hot hatch (3,814–3,867 pounds depending on the configuration) – but it seems that the performance vehicle market doesn’t really care about weight these days as long as the power and traction are there.

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BMW Blog also says the M2 xDrive is most likely going to drop the six-speed manual transmission and instead be offered only with the eight-speed automatic. That makes sense considering the upcoming M2 CS is expected to have only two pedals, too. The automaker might even decide to ditch the three-pedal configuration altogether with the facelift of the M2 but this hasn’t been confirmed.

The BMW enthusiast site also speculates the M2 xDrive could get the same output as the M2 CS. Word on the street is the latter will get the 3.0-liter S58 inline-six engine with a power of up to 520 horsepower, which will be a healthy boost over the standard car’s 453 hp. With the increased traction of the all-wheel-drive version, the same output could be also found under the hood of the M2 xDrive.

The M2 CS is coming before the M2 xDrive, though. It is a more hardcore version of the existing M2 with better aerodynamics, more power, and other hardware upgrades. It will likely be unveiled in the second half of next year and go on sale as a 2025 model in limited numbers. 

Note: BMW M2 CS test prototype pictured in the gallery and at the top of the article.

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