Lamborghini has a teaser photo for a vehicle debuting on August 18. The text of the Instagram post promises: "Something new and truly thrilling is about to be unveiled.​"

The Italian automaker previously announced it was debuting an electric vehicle concept sometime during Monterey Car Week. August 18 falls into this timeframe, so the evidence points to this being our first look at the EV.


The teaser image provides a good look at the vehicle's silhouette and beltline. The lines are smooth from what we can discern. However, the greenhouse has sharper points at the front and rear. These factors might hint at the EV concept mixing the brand's familiar angular styling elements with the softer shapes that we commonly see on electric vehicles for improving the drag coefficient.

Lamborghini described this concept as the "first prototype of our fourth series production car" in the previous announcement.

In July 2023, Lamborghini confirmed that its first EV would be a 2+2 grand tourer. Company CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the vehicle would be "much more daily usable" than the Huracan replacement or new Revuelto. It's also not an SUV.

This new teaser doesn't provide enough detail to identify the vehicle's proportions. We can't tell whether this concept would be big enough to have rear seats like the planned production version.

Mechanical specifics aren't available for the Lamborghini EV. Winkelmann confirms it shares components with other Volkswagen Group vehicles. There's precedent for this for the automaker. For example, the Urus shares a platform with products like the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga, and Porsche Cayenne.

Lamborghini hasn't sold a 2+2 grand tourer for decades. There was the 400 GT 2+2, Islero, Urraco, and the Espada, which lasted until the late 1970s.

More EVs are on the horizon for Lamborghini. The company plans for the second-gen Urus to be available solely with an electric powertrain. Expect to see it in 2029.

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