Tucked away in a press release about how Revuelto production is sold out for more than two years is news about Lamborghini's future lineup expansion. Originally announced in May 2021, the first-ever electric car from Sant'Agata Bolognese will be released in 2028. It will be sold strictly as an EV and is set to take the shape of a practical (for a Lamborghini) 2+2 grand tourer.

Additional details were not disclosed by the exotic Italian marque with the raging bull. However, CEO Stephan Winkelmann has previously said it'll have "more ground clearance" than the company's sports cars albeit less than the Urus SUV. The head honcho mentioned it's going to be "much more daily usable" than the Huracan and Revuelto but it won't be a crossover.

Lamborghini EV

Although it's too early to talk about technical specifications, Winkelmann has already hinted it won't ride on an all-Lamborghini platform. Instead, it'll benefit from the "synergies of the Volkswagen Group," much like the Urus is mechanically related to the Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7/Q8, and the less fancy VW Touareg.

The GT will follow the Urus S/Performante and Huracan replacement, both of which will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain in 2024. Lamborghini's flagship model, the Reveulto, already has a PHEV setup based around a new V12 engine. A year after the four-seater gran tourer goes on sale, in 2029, the Urus successor will be released exclusively as an EV. The plan was confirmed a few months ago by the very same Lamborghini CEO in an interview with journalists during a preview of the Aventador's replacement.

In the meantime, the order books for the Huracan and ICE-only Urus have been closed since Lamborghini has already found buyers for the remaining production run. Should you want the Reveulto, a new order won't be fullfilled until the second half of 2025. Whatever comes next after the Huracan won't have an Audi counterpart as the R8 is sadly going away without a direct replacement. Lambo has said the company is making so much money nowadays it can develop the supercar without help from Ingolstadt.

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