The 2008 Alpina B7 is a car that demands attention. A force to be reckoned with, it has a reputation for being expensive to repair and maintain, let alone restore. Perhaps that's why this video on the M539 Restorations YouTube channel feels like a homecoming in more ways than one. 

Over a year ago, Sreten bought the 2008 Alpina B7 he calls a "giant check engine light" for $4,000. Based on the E65 BMW 7 Series, the 2008 Alpina B7 features more aggressive bodywork, including 21-inch wheels, a deeper front air dam, side skirts, and rear valence. But the real changes lurk underneath. In addition to the cosmetic changes, it gets a revised suspension and more aggressive brakes, all of which are necessary to reign in the 500-horsepower supercharged 4.4-liter V8. 

A basket case Alpina B7 rivals the V10-powered E60 BMW M5 for its ability to bankrupt its owners. Sreten's B7 required a complete engine rebuild and other extensive mechanical repairs. If that wasn't enough, he embarked on a full interior and exterior refurbishment. Over the course of 18 videos on his YouTube channel, we see his trials and tribulations as he slowly restores the Alpina B7, making it roadworthy once again. 

To celebrate, Sreten takes the Alpina B7 back to the factory in Buchloe, Germany. He meets with Andreas Bovensipen, Alpina's CEO, and tours the factory. Later Bovensipen takes the B7 for a spin on the autobahn as they discuss the automaker's motorsport heritage and its future. At the end of the video, he lists the cost of all the repairs he completed on the B7. Including the purchase price, the total adds up to an eyewatering $43,387.96 (39,589 euros).      

For over 60 years, Alpina has made high-performance versions of BMW cars, including the B7, which was discontinued last year. The specialty automaker remained independent until recently when BMW acquired it. Alpina plans to continue manufacturing cars and SUVs through 2025, including the B3, D4, and XB7.  

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